Is Legal Reform Serving the People?

Rebecca Liao is a writer and corporate attorney based in Silicon Valley. She has written about China for The Atlantic, n+1, San Francisco Chronicle,  Dissent Magazine, the LA Review of Books, Tea Leaf Nation, Times Literary Supplement and Foreign Policy. She founded and writes for The Aleph Mag, a digital magazine about art, culture and Chinese law and politics. Rebecca has been interviewed on … more

Public Opinion, Criminal Justice, and Incipient Popular Liberalism in China

Joshua Rosenzweig is a PhD candidate in Chinese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where his current research looks at the interactions between criminal justice and public opinion in contemporary China. — The Editors   Where does China’s political future lie? Do economic modernization, greater personal autonomy and global integration promise to uproot the centuries-old authoritarian political order … more

Escaping China’s Gulag

Flora Sapio is a China law scholar whose main research interests are criminal justice and administrative detention. She is a research assistant professor in the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong and the author of Sovereign Power and the Law in China (Brill, 2010). — The Editors In January 2013 Meng Jiangzhu 孟建柱, secretary of … more

Artificial Light, Beijing

Tom Cliff is a Postdoctoral Fellow on the ARC Laureate project ‘Informal Life Politics in the Remaking of Northeast Asia’ at the Australian National University. Tom’s part of this project concerns the informal institutions of family and enterprise in contemporary China. He is currently completing a book manuscript on experiences of being Han in Xinjiang. – The Editors … more

Australia’s Baffling Dealings with China

This article was originally published on Pearls and Irritations, the blog of the noted Australian public figure John Menadue and is republished here with the the author Stephen FitzGerald’s kind permission — The Editors _____________ Can you believe the Abbott government has any idea where it’s headed on relations with China? Whatever you think of China’s … more

Researching Chinese Christianity: (Mis)conceptions and revelations

Gerda Wielander is Principal Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Westminster, London, and researcher at the university’s Contemporary China Centre. She is the author of Christian Values in Communist China (2013) published as part of Routledge’s Contemporary China Series.—The Editors _____________ Over the last decade the growth of China’s Protestant Christian population has … more

Paul Mooney Exit Interiew

In May 2012, Melissa Chan, Al-Jazeera’s English language service correspondent, was denied a Chinese visa. After the New York Times and Bloomberg reported on the wealth accumulated by the families of Wen Jiabao 温家宝 and Xi Jinping 习近平 respectively, their websites were blocked. The New York Times has been unable to get visas for its … more

China Rising: Still Depressing

Helene Chung was Australian Broadcasting Corporation Peking correspondent from June 1983 to July 1986. The first female posted abroad by the ABC, a decade earlier she had been the first non-white reporter on Australian TV. A fourth-generation Tasmanian Chinese, she has reported for BBC, CBS, NPR and Hong Kong radio and is the author of … more

Douglas Copland: between Chiang and Mao

The following is a review of Marjorie Harper’s Douglas Copland: Scholar, Economist, Diplomat, Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 2013. Copland (1894-1971), a noted New Zealand-born economist, served as Australia’s senior diplomat to the Republic of China at a crucial moment in modern China’s history. Appointed as the first Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University (ANU), he … more

Spiritual Pollution Thirty Years On

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Campaign to Eliminate Spiritual Pollution (清除精神污染运动), a short-lived purge that was dismissed at the time as being of little deeper significance. In fact, the campaign, which did peter out after a few months, was an extension of the attack by Deng Xiaoping et al on ‘bourgeois liberalisation’ … more