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Reflections on G20

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 28 November 2014.

Australia – China
Speech to the National Press Club, Canberra, 26 November

Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan worked incredibly hard to elevate the G20 to a leader-level gathering – and to secure the 2014 summit for Australia.

This was a once-in-a-generation chance to showcase our nation to the world – and all of us in Labor wanted it to be a success.

Then, on that Saturday morning, in eight excruciating minutes, the Prime Minister delivered a weird, cringe-worthy, ‘little Australia’ lecture to the global community.

And in those eight minutes, he writ low the greatest foreign policy opportunity our nation is likely to have for the next 20 years.

There he was, boasting about taking Australia backwards on climate change.

There he was, bemoaning the ‘massively difficult’ job he has as Australian Prime Minister.

Whining about the unpopularity of his GP tax and plan for his $100,000 degrees.

And presenting, live to the world, a negative character reference of his own people – the Australian public: blaming them, our people, for his government’s failures.

Damning our country as selfish, anti-modern, anti-reform and anti-change………

………You might have thought the Prime Minister would have had a clue as to China’s real intent, arriving as President Xi did, with a comprehensive market access agreement.

But even this didn’t tweak Tony Abbott’s intuition.

Instead of anticipating President Xi’s radical, bold ideas for a deeper relationship, the Prime Minister maintained his Government’s clumsy old-fashioned disposition towards China’s rising economic influence.

Dividing every complex foreign and economic policy decision into “goodies” and “baddies” and being satisfied with simply focusing on our significant trade relationship with China rather, than reaching for higher ground.

He missed an unparalleled economic opportunity for Australia.

Forfeiting membership of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a multilateral attempt to fill an $8 trillion infrastructure gap in our region.


People’s Daily Weibo
Posting from 6 January 2014【”打贪腐”游戏震撼上线 来测测你的反腐能力!】
中央重拳反腐,贪官闻风丧胆,百姓拍手叫好。反腐肃贪,你不再是旁观者!人民微博主题游戏“反贪腐”震撼上线,只要你轻轻一点鼠标,“老虎”“苍蝇”统统现出原形。你会是反腐英雄吗?点链接玩一局就知道了: 打贪腐小游戏

Draft domestic violence law

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 27 November 2014.

Domestic violence

Website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

Yahoo / AFP
China drafts first domestic violence law

Xi at the Helm

The People’s Daily


Visa denials and positive energy

The Guardian
MPs’ trip to China cancelled after row over Hong Kong protests debate
Cross-party delegation calls off visit after Beijing refuses visa to Tory MP and former diplomat Richard Graham

Website of the Embassy of the PRC in UK
Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry answers question on the cancellation of British delegation’s visit to China

Q: According to media reports, a British MP was denied a Chinese entry visa for his expression of support for “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong. As a result, a delegation of British MPs cancelled its planned visit to China. What is China’s comment on that?
A: You must be referring to the China-UK Leadership Forum. The China-UK Leadership Forum is an important platform for China-UK exchanges and mutual learning. China welcomes British political leaders who want to contribute to the development of China-UK relations to attend the forum and generate positive energy for the bilateral ties. It is regrettable that the forum is unable to take place as scheduled likely due to the reasons of an individual. We hope the UK side will do more to enhance China-UK mutual trust and move China-UK relations forward.


The Paper


Paulson Institute
Case studies of Chinese companies and investments in the U.S.

Mutual trust and the common good in the south Pacific

Domestic Violence
China Legislative Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China

Foreign Affairs
The People’s Daily
South Africa’s Ruling ANC Looks to Learn from Chinese Communist Party

Censorship, ideology, thought work
China Media Project
The dogs of positivity

China’s first Cyber Security Week begins in Beijing
Xinhua Insight: Conference urges int’l action against cyber-terrorism
Country enhances security checks for govt websites

Health care
China Medical News
China’s move to a GP-based primary care system: lots of policy, little progress

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
The Rise of China’s Railroad Diplomacy

Xi at the Helm
The New York Times
Musical Ode to Xi Jinping and His Wife Goes Viral

Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled on 24 November 2015.

Xi at the Helm

The People’s Daily
A calendar of Xi Jinping’s activities from 2012
Learn to be a good hubby like ‘Uncle Xi’

China Radio International


China Digital Times
Minitrue: Harmonious Horoscopes for First Couple

Internet censorship, ideology, thought work

The Global Times
社评:境外传机密文件犯法,这是常识, see also 环球时报:高瑜泄露了中央对意识形态部署的机密文件

Fei Chang Dao
Baidu, Sina, and Tencent Promise to Enforce Real Name Registration for Online Comments, Ask Users to Abide by the Socialist System

China courts put reporter on trial, reject Uighur scholar’s appeal

The New York Times
The Art of Xi Jinping by Murong Xuecun
Prosecution of Uighur Students Underscores Perils of Chinese Clampdown

Guangming Daily

Internet security


The advance of the Internet Empire

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 20 – 21 November 2014

Lu Wei 鲁炜,  who now regularly refers to himself as the "Minister of the Cyberspace Administration of the People's Republic of China";  Image source

Lu Wei 鲁炜, who now regularly refers to himself as the “Minister of the Cyberspace Administration of the People’s Republic of China”; Image source

World Internet Conference

WeChat account of 石扉客
帝国网路上的进击 (full text in ARCHIVE at bottom of this post)

World Internet Conference website
A neat reply by Lu Wei: “Disagreements are a possibility; communication is the key
习近平发贺词 马凯作主旨演讲 (also People’s Daily: 习近平致首届世界互联网大会贺词全文
北京青年报:”脸书”绝不可能进入中国? 鲁炜:这是一条虚假新闻

China Media Project
Envisioning the splinternet

Alibaba's Jack Ma appears wearing a tie at the World Internet Conference;  Image source

Alibaba’s Jack Ma appears wearing a tie at the World Internet Conference;
Image source

China Seeks Global Internet Influence at CEO Forum on Canal Bank
Rule No. 1 for Tech’s Fight With China: Don’t Talk About Your Fight With China

China Daily
20 years of the Internet in China
World Internet Conference opens in Wuzhen

Full Text: Message of Congratulations from Chinese President Xi Jinping

The People’s Daily

Moving pollution abroad

Beijing Smog Returns to Hazardous Level After Days of APEC Blue

The official Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday that Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing and is China’s biggest steel-producing region, will try to shift some production abroad.

Hebei will move production of 5 million metric tons of steel, 5 million tons of cement and about 150,000 tons of glass overseas by 2017 and eyes a more ambitious goal by 2023, according to Xinhua.

G20 and Xi Jinping State Visit to Australia

Chinese president Xi Jinping meets Tasmanian devils during historic Hobart visit

China media: Australia ties

The New York Times
What ‘Democracy’ Means in China Is Not What Australia’s Abbott Thinks

Xi Jinping’s New Zealand State Visit

QQ News
习近平夫妇抵达新西兰 与毛利人行碰鼻礼


Kissing the koala

Australia China FTA and G20

Xinhua: 习近平在澳联邦议会演讲:携手追寻中澳发展梦想 并肩实现地区繁荣稳定
Likening China to “big guy” in crowd, Xi highlights peaceful development

The People’s Daily: 习近平在澳大利亚联邦议会发表重要演讲

China News / Netease: 习近平几乎走遍澳大利亚所有州 幽默“要证书”

BBC / Youtube: ‘China trade deal latest chapter in a long book’ Kevin Rudd interview with BBC

The Guardian: Tony Abbott lauds Xi Jinping’s ‘commitment to fully democratic China’

Censorship and ideology

Xinhua: 29家网站签署《跟帖评论自律管理承诺书》; see translation at Fei Chang Dao: Self-Discipline Commitment Letter on Administration of Discussion and Commentary

The Global Times: Don’t defame China

Great Fire: China just blocked thousands of websites

China Media Project: China’s “positive” prescription for dissent

Chinese labour going global

The Globe and Mail: Canada’s immigration policies hurt bottom line, China says

China’s state-controlled energy firms are struggling to turn a profit in Canada in part because of the federal government’s immigration laws, a senior Chinese diplomat says.

Wang Xinping, China’s consul general based in Calgary, said his country’s energy companies want to bring in their own employees to reduce costs. But Ottawa has been stingy in issuing work permits, he said, making it harder for Chinese companies to develop their projects.

The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 17 November 2014.

Australia – China trade / G20
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The reputation of 2nd Generation Reds and PLA song and dance troupes

The Beijing News / China News: 胡乔木女儿:极少数红二代破坏革命后代形象

The Paper: 许其亮:坚决反对妖魔化军队文艺工作,军事文艺要凤凰涅槃

The People’s Daily: 这两年,改变中国的15个“热词”

Occupy Hong Kong

Xinhua: HK student protest leaders unable to leave for Beijing due to invalid documents

Brisbane G20

The People’s Daily: 【见闻】为了不输北京APEC,澳大利亚G20也拼了

New York Times, journalist visas, and Xi’s reply

Xinhua: Commentary: No excuse for Western media to run unchecked in China, 新华国际时评:《纽约时报》的失实、失态、失信

China Media Project: Posts on Xi’s snubbing of NYT deleted

The China Daily: Don’t ignore different rulebook


Xinhua: Sino-Africa cooperation brings more “made-in-Africa” goods

CBS News: China tests malaria drug on an entire African nation

Liaoning newspaper snooping on teachers and calling for positive energy

China Media Project: College teachers must be more “positive”

Netease: 辽宁党报:高校老师勿抹黑中国

Business and banks

Caixin: Visa, MasterCard Confront China’s Stacked Deck

Visa and MasterCard executives eager to expand in China were thrilled recently when Premier Li Keqiang seemed to suggest that a door would open to them for bank card yuan business in the country.

But they had read Li wrong: The premier’s statement in late October did not signal an opening to overseas bank card firms. Instead, it signaled tougher times.

Pacific dreaming

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 14 November 2014.

Xi at the helm

The People’s Daily: 习近平首次提出“亚太梦想”

1: “中国方案” “中国智慧” 献力实现亚太梦想
2: 新亚洲安全观 确定地区安全合作新框架
3: 四字理念 与邻为善 以邻为伴 “亲、诚、惠、容”盘活周边关系
4: “一带一路” 互联互通 区域一体化迈出坚实步伐

Foreign journalist visas

The Global Times: 环球谈纽约时报记者在华签证问题:他们自知做了什么
New York Times should also seek answers from within

The New York Times: A Response to President Xi Jinping

G20 Summit in Brisbane

The Age: Alpha leaders driven by dreams of lost glory

The Daily Mail: Chinese students BANNED from Brisbane’s CBD after they staged a pro-democracy protest outside the Chinese president’s hotel ahead of G20

Financial Review: China’s Xi Jinping talks of deeper Australian ties ahead of G20 Letter from Xi Jinping; excerpt:

The magnificent land of Australia has attracted worldwide attention with its exotic, charming landscape, dynamic economy, vibrant people and diversified culture.

I have visited Australia four times since 1988. Each time left me with a new ­understanding of the country and a deep impression of the profound friendship between the Chinese and Australian people. I look forward to my fifth trip to this land during which I will pay a state visit to Australia and attend the ninth G20 summit, in Brisbane.

As a Chinese saying goes: “Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.”

Censorship, ideology, thought work

Netease / The Beijing News: 教育部:有些高校偏西方法学理论 缺乏鉴别批判 辽宁日报致高校教师公开信:有人课上对国家“描黑”

The new chief architect of reform

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 13 November 2014.


The People’s Daily (originally published on WeChat app): 新设计师习近平



Xinhua: China marks six priorities for new-type of major-country relations with US
President Xi advocates new type of military relations with U.S.
Beijing welcomes more “free riders” with its sustained growth

The New York Times: U.S. and China Reach Climate Accord After Months of Talks
A Fruitful Visit Ends With Blunt Words by China’s Leader

US State Department: U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change

Xinhua: 中美气候变化联合声明(全文)

LA Times: China’s president defends refusal of visas for foreign correspondents

Radio Free Asia: Beijing Activist’s Husband Beaten Up After Diplomats Refused Meeting
Ni Yulan’s Twitter account:

Censorship and media regulation

Sina: One-night stands, sexual abuse content banned on video sites

A circular by China’s top media and television watchdog requiring content providers to cut content related to one-night stands, sexual abuse and extramarital affairs from video streaming websites has sparked heated discussion.

Party rhetoric

Baidu Tieba: 战略合作伙伴和全面战略合作伙伴有什么区别?


The Financial Times: The rise of Christianity in China

Tony Abbott in silk

Below is a scrapbook of links and artifacts compiled 12 November 2014.

The New York Times: U.S. and China Reach Deal on Climate Change in Secret Talks
Xinhua: 习近平夫妇迎候APEC欢迎晚宴嘉宾
Photos of world leaders with Xi Jinping ang Peng Liyuan (image source), 习近平同美国总统奥巴马开始举行会谈
Global Times: Full text: Statement on the 25th anniversary of APEC

The New York Times: For Online Retailers Like Alibaba, Singles’ Day in China Is a Bonanza

Censorship and ideology
Qiushi: 建国初期对知识分子思想改造的历史必然性
The New York Times: Air Quality App Stops Providing Data From U.S. Embassy

Rule of law 法治, constitution, reform
China Media Project: A backstage glimpse at the Plenum “Decision”
Bloomberg: Xi Gets a ‘C’ in Report Card on China’s Policy Program: Economy

Xi at the helm
The People’s Daily: 人民网评:亚太梦创造“共同体”红利引领全球经济增长–观点
Global Times: Xi’s ‘new normal’ theory

Global Times: After meeting, Abe must honor his words

Social Science Research Council: Think Pieces: Making Sense of the China-Africa Relationship
A selection of ‘think pieces [that] were presented at Making Sense of the China-Africa Relationship: Theoretical Approaches and the Politics of Knowledge, a conference held on November 18 and 19, 2013, at Yale University.’

Hong Kong Shanghai Stock Connect
Hexun: 沪港通助力A股上攻 T+0或成就大牛市