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Xi Jinping visits Venezuela and Cuba

Today’s People’s Daily frontpage shows Xi Jinping shaking hands with Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro during the former’s state visit to Venezuela on July 20. People’s Daily reports that Xi made four proposals during talks with the Venezuelan leader:

  1. Take hold of the present situation to deepen bilateral relationsrmrb2014072201_b
  2. Focus on practical results, with a a strong focus on cooperation on natural resources and financial mechanisms. The two sides should as soon as possible move on to cooperating in the fields of agriculture, building of infrastructure, and China hopes to soon transfer satellite technology to Venezuela. Xi also expressed the hope that Chinese companies will participate in the construction of special economic zones in Venezuela
  3. Expand interaction between the two countries in the fields of culture, education, tourism, and media
  4. Keep an eye on the overall situation by having bilateral relations contribute to the development of the global situation and world peace

People’s Daily also points out that Xi Jinping was awarded a Liberator Medal by president Maduro, the highest Venezuelan award given to foreign leaders.

During his state visit to Venezuela, Xi signed a series of oil and mineral deals with his Venezuelan counterpart, including a US$ 4 billion credit line in return for Venezuelan crude and other products.

On Monday July 21, Xi Jinping arrived in Cuba for the last leg of his four-country trip. (more…)

Xi all over Latin America

21 July 2014 — Newspaper front pages and website top headlines feature a variety of different stories, although as per recent custom, all except Tencent’s QQ News feature Xi Jinping as the main item:

Xinhua reports on Xi Jinping getting a Venezualean ‘Liberator’ award while the People Daily headlines with China and Venezela agreeing to raise their relationship to that of ‘comprehensive strategic partners’. Baidu News leads with news about itself: ‘Brazil and Chinese heads of state attend launch of Baidu’s Portuguese language search engine for Brazil’. Netease News leads with Xi’s arrival in Caracas.

Only QQ News is different, headlining with a package of stories titled ‘Who “killed” Malaysian Airlines flight MH17?’

Below the links is the front page of the People’s Daily from last week Friday.

Links and sources
Xinhua: 习近平接受委内瑞拉“解放者”勋章
People’s Daily: 中委元首:将两国提升为全面战略伙伴关系
Baidu News: 中巴两国元首共同出席百度巴西葡语搜索引擎启动仪式
QQ News: 谁“杀死”了马航MH17
Netease News: 习近平抵达加拉加斯开始对委内瑞拉进行国事访问

People's Daily front page 18 July 2014.

People’s Daily front page 18 July 2014.

Central Organization Dept: ‘Do not become parrots of Western moral values’

The Central Organization Department has circulated a notice calling on all government officials to guard against becoming mouthpieces for or parrots of Western moral values. The notice has been widely circulated in official media including Xinhua, the People’s Daily, and the WeChat group account Communist Party Members (共产党员).

Links and sources
People’s Daily: 中组部:防止干部成为西方道德价值的“应声虫”

Banks and Internet sovereignty at the BRICS meeting in Brazil

Xi Jinping's Latin American sojourn 2014 (Image source)

Xi Jinping’s Latin American sojourn 2014 (Image source)

Xi Jinping missed the World Cup during his visit last week to Brazil, but attended a meeting of the BRICS countries, the grouping of Brazil, Russia, India and China, joined in 2013 by South Africa. Although named after a concept made up by a Goldman Sachs analyst, the Chinese government has enthusiatically embraced the concept as an alternative multilateral organization where developing countries can shape the agenda.

On July 15, the BRICS countries jointly announced the formation of a US$100bn development bank and an emergency reserve fund.

Xi Jinping also made a speech about Internet sovereignty, and continues his Latin American tour with stops in Cuba, Argentina and Venezuela.

Links and sources
Xinhua: 习近平在巴西国会的演讲, 习近平巴西谈互联网治理, BRICS tour minisite (image source)
People’s Daily: BRICS tour minisite
Netease: 习近平巴西演讲 提出建多边民主互联网治理体系
Want China Times: Beijing dominates voting rights of BRICS reserve pool
Yahoo: China’s Xi hails ‘new horizons’ in ties with Argentina Dispatches: How the BRICS Can Run a Rights-Respecting Development Bank Brics bank based in China
Reuters: China lends Argentina $7.5 billion for power, rail projects
Rediff: Did India gain anything from Modi-Xi meeting?

Xi at BRICS meeting in Brazil, has phone call with Obama, meets Putin and Modi

July 15 — Today’s front pages and news portals are of course again dominated by Xi Jinping. Xi is in Brazil for the BRICS Summit:

From Xinhua:

FORTALEZA, Brazil, July 14 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here on Monday for a summit of the BRICS countries.

The sixth summit of the BRICS, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, will be held in Brazil from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Upon arrival, Xi noted that BRICS is an important force in international relations and an important constructor of the international system, adding that China firmly supports and actively participates in cooperation among BRICS countries.

The People’s Daily leads with a story on Xi meeting Russian prisident Vladimir Putin in Brazil. Xinhua’s top story reports on a phone call Xi made to US president Barack Obama urging efforts to build a new type of great power relations (新型大国关系). Netease News and Baidu News lead with Xi’s meeting with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his urging that the two countries settle their border disputes as early as possible.

QQ News leads with an anti-corruption story: The former vice head of the Hunan People’s Political Consultative Conference Yang Baohua has been found guilty of serious disciplinary infractions and expelled from the Party.

Link and sources
People’s Daily: 习近平会见俄罗斯总统普京
Xinhua: 习近平:愿同美方一道 为构建中美新型大国关系不懈努力 — 习近平同美国总统奥巴马通电话
Baidu News: 习近平会见印度总理莫迪
Netease News: 习近平会见印度总理莫迪 谈及边境问题
QQ News: 湖南政协原副主席阳宝华严重违纪违法被开除党籍
The Hindu: China’s Xi invites Modi to visit, calls for ‘early’ border settlement

CCTV news anchor Rui Chenggang detained in corruption investigation

Image of Rui from article titled 'CCTV celebrity Rui Chenggang: Jaguar is my beloved companion' (央视名人-芮成钢:捷豹是我钟爱的"伴侣")

Image of Rui from article titled ‘CCTV celebrity Rui Chenggang: Jaguar is my beloved companion’ (央视名人-芮成钢:捷豹是我钟爱的”伴侣”)

Caixin, the People’s Daily, Tencent News and various online media have reported that Rui Chenggang 芮成钢, a prominent TV news anchor best known for his successful online campaign to get a Starbuck branch removed from the Forbidden City in 2007, was detained on Friday July 11 by police as part of an investigation into corruption at state broadcaster CCTV.

Rui’s show was one of the more popular on CCTV’s financial news channel. Aside from the Stabucks affair, Rui is famous for asking a question to US President Obama at the 2010 G20 Summit in Seoul: Obama had asked for a question from a Korean journalist; Rui said ‘I’m actually Chinese. But I think I get to represent the entire Asia.’ in 2011 at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, Rui asked Gary Locke, then the United States ambassador: “I hear you flew here coach. Is that a reminder that U.S. owes China money?”

Links and sources
Caixin: 央视反腐掀二波 李勇芮成钢被检方带走, CCTV Financial News Anchor Rui Chenggang Is Detained
Tencent: 芮成钢曾参股爱德曼公关子公司 为央视提供服务

Xi in Greece, PLA Second Artillery Corps pledges loyalty to Xi

July 14 — Today’s news headlines are again dominated by Xi Jinping. The People’s Daily newspaper and website, Xinbua home page and major news portals all feature top stories about Xi’s visit to Rhodes Island, Greece and his meeting with Greek president Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias.

QQ News leads with pledges of loyalty from PLA Second Artillery Corps in the wake of the corruption investigation and expulsion from the Party of General Xu Caihou and the vow to draw a line around the discgraced military leader.

Links and sources
People’s Daily: 习近平会见希腊总统帕普利亚斯
Xinhua: 习近平会见希腊总统帕普利亚斯
Baidu News: 习近平会见希腊总统帕普利亚斯
Netease News: 习近平在罗德岛会见希腊总统帕普利亚斯
QQ News: 二炮司令员政委齐称与徐才厚案划界限

Xi Jinping commemorates the 77th anniversary of 7•7 Marco Polo Bridge Incident


Xi Jinping speaks. Image source.

July 7 — Today the front pages of all national state media, the hone pages of Xinhua, the People’s Daily website and the news pages of commercial web portals all feature a speech by Xi Jinping commemorating the 77th anniversary of the official date of the start of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese invasion. Excerpts from two Xinhua articles:

Xi commemorates start of anti-Japan war

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at a ceremony on Monday marking the 77th anniversary of the start of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese invasion.

This grand ceremony is held here to recall history, commemorate martyrs, cherish peace and sound a warning to the future, said Xi, who is also the general-secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

“We firmly take the path of peaceful development and safeguard world peace,” he said at the Museum of the War of the Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

China Voice: 77 years on, Japan still fails to introspect
July 7 is an anniversary that should be remembered by both Chinese and Japanese.

Seventy-seven years ago, at Lugou Bridge, known as Marco Polo Bridge to the Western people, Japanese troops attacked Chinese defenders in the nearby fortress town of Wanping, marking the beginning of the eight-year Anti-Japanese War

Links and sources
Xinhua: Xi commemorates start of anti-Japan war
China Voice: 77 years on, Japan still fails to introspect
People’s Daily: 习近平出席全民族抗战爆发77周年纪念活动并发表重要讲话
Baidu News: 习近平出席全民族抗战爆发77周年仪式并发表讲话
Netease News: 最高领导人首次在7月7日参与官方纪念活动
QQ News: 习近平:任何人想否定侵略历史 中国人民绝不答应

Note: the headlines above are as presented on the home pages of the news organizations and may differ from the title of the linked story.

Accompanying ‘big uncle’ Xi Jinping, Baidu chief speaks on South Korea – China Internet

Xinhua /

China and South Korea see great potential for cooperation in the internet sector as the two nations shares the common ground of technology innovation, said Robin Li 李彦宏, chairman and chief executive officer of China’s search engine giant Baidu in an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Friday…

…Li was one of the 250 business executives followed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s official visit to South Korea. This is the biggest ever foreign business delegation to South Korea, according to the Korea Chamber of Commerce.

Li is popular among South Korea’s business circle. Oh Young-ho, CEO of South Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), the country’s state-funded trade and investment promotion organization, has arranged a closed-door meeting with Li on Friday, talking about future cooperation…

…”We should be proud that China and South Korea are two among four countries around world that have core search engine technology,” said Li, mentioning South Korea’s top search engine Naver…

…Since the 1970s, the United States has been branded as a hub of the global internet development, cultivating most of the technology and products innovation because of its largest internet users and best technological engineers. It also leads the internet resources and rules-making.

“But now things are different,” said Li, adding that China, with its 600 million netizens, is ranked as the world’s No.1 internet market, while South Korea features world’s leading rates for mobile internet and broadband and internet speed…

A Sohu report on the same topics was titled ‘Big uncle Xi visits South Korea,Robin Li leads speeches by Chinese business people’.

Links and sources
Xinhua / Interview: Big potential lies in China-S. Korea internet cooperation: Baidu’s Robin Li
Sohu: 习大大出访韩国 李彦宏领衔中国企业家主题演讲
Sina: 李彦宏:技术创新是中韩互联网共同话题

Chinese ambassador to Malaysia denies reports that Muslims in Xinjiang banned from Ramadan fasting

Bernama, the “Offical Portal of National News Agency of Malaysia” reported the following:

Claims Of China’s Ban On Ramadan Fast In Xinjiang Region Untrue – Chinese Ambassador
KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) — Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, Dr Huang Huikang today denied foreign news reports on Wednesday that Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region have been banned from fasting during the month of Ramadan.

“I do not think it is true. Which Chinese media have reported the news? It is not Chinese media, right?,” he said to reporters after attending the Corporate Malaysia Roundtable organised by the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute, here, today.

However, he assured that the relevant Chinese ministries would be clearing the air regarding the matter.

Foreign media on Wednesday reported that several government departments in Xinjiang have banned Muslim staff from fasting during Ramadan.

The media posted a so-called directive from the Chinese government departments prohibiting the ruling Communist Party’s members, teachers and young people from fasting or participating in the religious activities during Ramadan.

Xinjiang is a mainly Muslim region, home to the Uighur minority. For years China’s ruling Communist Party has restricted fasting in the region, which has seen regular and often deadly clashes between Uighurs and state security forces.

China is in the midst of a security crackdown in Xinjiang following a series of attacks the government blames on Muslim extremists.

Links and sources
Bernama: Claims Of China’s Ban On Ramadan Fast In Xinjiang Region Untrue – Chinese Ambassador
Al-Jazeera: Chinese Uyghurs defy Ramadan ban
مصير إقليم تركستان الشرقية (Arabic language TV interview and transcript Izz al-Din Ahmad Wardani, whose PhD from the Asian Studies Department at the University of Zagazig in Egypt was titled ‘East Turkistan under Chinese communist rule in the period from 1949 to 2000′; see rough English translation by Google)